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All of the the woods  are hand selected to achieve the optimum tone. Special features and custom appointments such as  inlays, body shapes, custom scale lengths etc. are just a start to the ever growing selection of options for a “Handmade Liam Guitar”



We try to customize the traditional shapes of the mandolin family such as the A-style & F-style  to accommodate the players needs for superb playability and asthetics beyond what is commercially available

Harp Guitars

Harp Guitars

In the past 10yrs there has been a growing number of talented musicians that are experimenting with musical styles that benefit from having more than just the traditional 6 strings that a guitar has to offer. The“Harp Guitar” returns again!



This traditional Hawiian instrument has taken the country by storm again. My new body design is the perfect blend of the “Good ole Days” and the “Promising Future” 

Bass Guitars

Bass Guitars

I have had along love affair with the bass guitar. Our design feature include neck/thru/body and semi hollow body styles.





Here you will find things that can only be described as unique

Our knowledge. Your benefit.


Repairs seem to be (at least for the present) the heart of my business. I have been repairing stringed instruments since 1982, when I apprenticed with Luthier Rod Fitts.

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Custom Guitars:

Checkout my custom guitars such as The "Dreamcaster", The "Fish" Guitar, The "Octave Mandolin", The "Parlor Guitar", and Bass Guitar...

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Instruments for Sale

   I know that it is last minute but I decided to try and sell a few good instruments to anyone that might be looking for a good deal for Christmas. All of these instruments have been reconditioned by me and have been setup to be in optimal playing condition.

hohnerbody   30s 7 string slide guitar01     s101 classical cutaway  mandolin  

Please note that all instruments from Liam Guitars have been professionaly set up to their optimum playability.The strings are new and I warranty my craftsmanship for 90 days of purchase. Thank You!

Please call me at 440-474-2141 if you have anymore questions about the instruments . Enjoy shopping 


  Small Parlor Guitar


This a brand new, very nice 3/4 size Hohner guitar with a sold cedar top and solid mahogany sides and neck. One cool feature is that the nut is compensated along with the bridge to give it the most acurate intonation . It is a system that Hohner developed a few years ago and have been using it on their better instruments. The action is about 3/32" ( .095 )on the bass side and  2-3/4" on the treble side (.080 ) This guitar is a very good player and has tremendous volume for it's small stature. A great guitar for a petite size player and built with the finest precision . This guitar retails in the range of 300 to $350.00 new at most music stores.

 Buy it today for $275.00 

  hohnerbody hohnerback  hohnerback02  hohneractiongood  

Please call me at 440-474-2141 for more info. I can supply a nice padded gig bag for an additional 35.00.



    1930's 7 String Slide Guitar

30s 7 string slide guitar01

  I'm not sure of the make of this instrument, but it is reminicent of the Oahu instruments made in Cleveland in the 30's. Usually they are not this fancy.This is a rare find. I have seen many of these types of instruments, but never have I seen them with 7 strings from the factory. This is not an after market add on. It is all original hardware from the 1930's. The one tuner button for the 3rd string has been replaced with a black period style button . All of the other buttons are origial and made from a pearl looking celloud. It is very good condition for it's age and plays great!

 slidetop  7stringheadstock  headlscopy   headrscopy


   This is a steal at $425.00. I garuantee you will not find another one anytime soon  

Electric Mandolin


I purchased this mandolin from a instrument distribution warehouse in Cleveland and had to do a bit of fret work and other standard setup prrocedures, It is called a "Texarkana" . It's not known to be a "high end" instrument , but after adjusting the playa bility and new strings it is a very good beginners mandolin or would fill in as a backup to an avid player . The electronics are in good working order and this mando is ready to rock!

  mandolin  electricmandolin  mando front  actionheight

 This mandolin gets my seal of approval at 100.00 Please call 440-474-2141 for more info 


S101 Classical Cutaway 



I purchased this instrument brand new from a customer that wasn't happy with the way the instrument was playing . When I first took a look at it I immedietley realized that it had steel strings on it . I don't know why , because everything about the guitar is set up for classical nylon strings. It's no wonder why it played "funny".

It has the traditional slotted headstock with tthe wider 1-7/8"neck width, Fan bracing, and the classical style bridge. It has a laminated spruce top and is set up to perfection . It comes with a softshell fitted case for protection. It is an excellent guitar for the musicisn just starting out and would be good as a second guitar to take to the cabin.

classical02  classicalback  classicalheadstock  label

With the case this instrument lists at most music stores for 175 to $200.00.

It can be yours from Liam Guitars with a professional setup for  $125.00




New SHG Shop

front of shop 1 It's been awhile and I apologize for the absense, but I have been very busy trying to build the new shop where all of the guitar pipes will be made. Because I'm a small "handmade " manufacturerer, the shop is not very large, either is my property where I built it. It is about 18ft x 10 ft , with a 8x8 office on the side.

A 1940"s Ohau Music Publication

I found this "poem" on the back of a Ohau publication a few years back and thought someone might like it. (author unknown)


Servant and master am I: Servant of those dead and master of those living. Through me, spirits immortal speak the message that makes the world weep, and laugh and worship.

I tell the story of Love, the story of Hate, the story that saves and the story that damns. I am the incense upon which prayers float to heaven. I am the smoke that pales over the field of battle where men lie dying with me on their lips.

I am close to the marriage alter, and when the graves open I stand near by. I call the wanderer home, I rescue the soul from the depths, I open the lips of lovers, and through me the dead whisper to the living

One I serve as I serve all; and the king I make my slave as easily as I subject his slave. I speak through the birds in the air, the insects of the field, the crash of waters on rock-ribbed shores, the sighing of the wind in the trees, and I am even heard by the soul that knows me in the clatter of wheels on city streets.

I know no brother, yet all men are my brothers; I am father of the best that is in them, and they are fathers of the best that is in me; I am of them, and they are of me. For I am the instrument of God


Ireland Trip

 George LowdenI have just returned from a trip (vacation) to Ireland, possibly the prettiest place on the planet, and had one of the most inspiring experiences from a visit to Ireland's premier guitar builder, Mr George Lowden.




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The Riverside Inn Guitar Raffle

Liam_pulling_ticket I want to personally "Thank"!!! everyone that supported my efforts in my first "Liam Guitar Raffle" by buying tickets. I also want to apologize to those who were not lucky enough to win the guitar this year. As we all know there can only be one "winner" (at a time). I realize that all though spending only ten dollars for a chance to win a $1600.00 guitar is a pretty good deal it still is very painful to spend the money and not win. Again, I Thank You!! for your support and making it a successful event. 

This year the lucky ticket was bought by Geneva Ohio's home town boy , Mr Jim Ales.  To say that Jim was very happy to win would be an understatement . He told me it felt a bit like being in a dream , that he would wake up and it really didn't happen.


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