The Zodiac Harp Guitar

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This Harp Guitar was commisioned to build for an extremely talented Musician that lives in my small town of Madison Ohio. Mr Don Adams had a vision of a handmade guitar that would call out to the stars and maybe dance with the moon. I think we might of hit the nail on the head with this one.

The Dreamcaster

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Dreamcaster front view outside - Copy                                         " The Dreamcaster"Dreamcaster back(1) 










This was an instrument that probably taught me more about guitar construction than any of the others.  It is affectionately known as the “Dreamcaster”. It was custom built for a master fingerstyle guitarist in the N.E. Ohio area named Brian Henke. Brian is one of Northeast Ohio's  original rock heros of the eighties. After playing lead guitar in bands around Cleveland, Brian gradually decided to take his talents to a new level. In the past 10 to 15 years he has developed into one of the areas finest fingerstyle guitarist. For the past 11 yreas he has hosted, along with the "Coalition for the Homeless", a very successful benefit concert called the "Woodchopper's Ball". Brian brings in 9 different guitarists from all over the country to perform a "round robin" format ( that is where 3 guitarists play their 4 best songs , then 3 more guitarist get on stage and they play their 4 best songs, an so on..) to show off their amazing talents at the prestigious "Kent Stage". All of  the proceeds benefit the "coalition ". The event has grown to be "The place to be!" on around the 1st week in Dec. For info contact the Kent Stage.  (for more on Brian's schedule go to