The New Shg Shop

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front of shop 1

 It's been awhile and I apologize for the absense, but I have been very busy trying to build the new shop where all of the guitar pipes will be made. Because I'm a small "handmade " manufacturerer, the shop is not very large, either is my property where I built it. It is about 18ft x 10 ft , with a 8x8 office on the side.

Ireland Trip

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 I have just returned from a trip (vacation) to Ireland, possibly the prettiest place on the planet, and had one of the most inspiring experiences from a visit to Ireland's premier guitar builder, Mr George Lowden.

George Lowden



The Riverside Inn Guitar Raffle

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Liam_pulling_ticketI want to personally "Thank"!!! everyone that supported my efforts in my first "Liam Guitar Raffle" by buying tickets. I also want to apologize to those who were not lucky enough to win the guitar this year. As we all know there can only be one "winner" (at a time). I realize that all though spending only ten dollars for a chance to win a $1600.00 guitar is a pretty good deal it still is very painful to spend the money and not win. Again, I Thank You!! for your support and making it a successful event.