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                                                   Repair Classes

classesAfter several years of trying to explain on paper what it is that I do all day, I finally came to the conclusion that I could get my point across a lot better if I could actually show people how I do it.
    Pictures with captions can only take you so far, So the next step is to try to see if there is a demand for this. Everyone is always saying to me, "I would love to know how you do that"!
    Well now is your chance . I am putting together a series of "Repair Classes" that I feel can be easily learned ( with a little determination) by anyone with even limited skills.

   Half of the battle is knowing how to do something, After you add a little practice (and maybe a little more practice) you might find that "Hey! That isn't so hard after all".



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   There are many different guitar building and repair schools out there, but I have found them to be very expensive and sometimes a little more than some people might want to committ to. The classes I will offer are catered to the person who may be interested in learning how to do a certain repair, or fix a certain issue with their instrument but does not necessarily want to "buy the whole cow". Classes will be short in length (2 to 6 hrs) and very affordable. I have decided that by keeping the classes small (1, 2, or 3 students per class) It will ensure that everyone will get my undivided attention.

 So if your goal is to learn  something  new this coming year, this could be the perfect opportunity to sign up now . Class times and registration info  can be found on this site and in the next few issues of the Voice Magazine and also by phone at #440-474-2141

                            Wood-n-Strings Repair School  201

        Repair Classes for Beginners

   These classes are divided into 2 sessions, each lasting 1+ hrs.(Usually held during the week in the evening) They are designed to familiarize the student with the daily tasks, challenges and tools that are used in a instrument repair shop.


    1) How to Properly Change Strings                                                 $25.00


        This class will teach the students the proper way to change and tune their instruments. Focusing on the guitar, The student will learn the method and the tools that are used to install new strings and tune them to the proper pitch (A-440). Along with tips on proper maintenance there will be discussions on the tuning of other stringed instruments such as mandolins, violins, banjo's, etc. A new Snark tuner, One set of guitar strings and a peg winder will be included in the package.      aprox. 1 hour in length


    2) Tools and  Luthier Techniques                                                                                                                                                                                                                              $50.00

    Each student recieves a detailed list of useful tools in the lutherie industry. An estimated price list along with many less expensive alternatives will be included. A discussion on how to make many of the tools that are used in the lutherie shop   and a good working knowledge of how to use the tools Specialty tools and costs will be examined . procedures that are used in everyday repairs will be thoroughly researched.  Aprox. 2 hours in length


     3) Jigs and Fixtures                                                                          $75.00
     The heart and soul of the business. This should be a required course for the advanced students. Many repairs could never be accomplished without a working knowledge of how jigs  and fixtures can work for you! Many handmade fixtures are studied and critiqued. Each student comes home with an handmade instrument neck stand.  Aprox 3 hours in length

          Instrument Repair Intermediate

        These clasess are designed for the “novice” luthier. Classes will be held for  4 to 6  sessions lasting approx 1hr in length.(usually 2 (1hr) evening  classes and a 2 hr class on Sat for two weeks)


          Requirements :


  •    A knowlede of the anatomy of the guitar
  •    Some woodworking skills (have used measuring tools ,chisels, sanding tools,etc.)
  •   Tools & book fee                                                                          $50.00


                  1)   Building a Bone Nut    (4 sessions + tool fee)               $150.00
                You will learn the art of making a new well fitted “nut” from natural bone material . The first               choice in high end guitar manufacturing and the choice of Liam Guitars. Other materials will also be addressed.A properly fitted nut is the “bread & butter” of the repair business.

                  2) Level & Crowning Frets     (6 sessions+tool fee)           $180.00
In my opinion a proper setup cannot be performed without this invaluable technique . Students will learn the proper methods to eliminate pesky fret buzzes. “Level” and “crown” frets so they feel and play like “butta”. You will learn the correct methods of removing and replacing individual frets. A well dressed fret job is essential to the discerning guitar player.

                 3) Making and Regluing Bridges    (6 sessions + tool fee)    $180.00
This class will provide the student with the knowledge to safely remove the bridge from the guitar and reglue it in the proper location every time.The study of “bridge pads” and other “Belly” straightening techniques will be reviewed




* Registration can be completed by clicking on the class or classes you would be interested in from the drop down menu on the Home page. Just "Add to Cart" and follow the instructions.